International Shipping

Guide to International Shipping

Please Read Before Placing an International Order!

International Shipping

Not All Countries, States, and Provinces hold the same shipping rates and duty costs. At Evobiotec however, all North American (i.e. Canada/Mexico) Parcel Shipments have a flat shipping and duty rate of $12 (Standard 5-10 business days) and $25 when expedited. All non-NAFTA Countries have a standard flat rate shipping fee (unless shipping over 1lbs) of $26.48.

Assumption of Risk & Responsibility

All orders placed for international shipping and delivery are made at the discretion of the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to properly research, understand, and contact any customs agency regarding a parcel bound from Evobiotec to the intended recipient. Evobiotec assumes no responsibility for: Loss, Theft, or Negligence of parcel which results in the loss of goods. For more information regarding general International Shipping laws and regulations please click the link below. We encourage you to take additional steps and call your countries customs agency to ensure proper shipment. All products originating from Evobiotec.com are intended for use by experienced professionals and for research purposes only.

For the full guide on our product specifications click here.

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